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Onion peels

I am constantly reminded that life is like an onion.   You peel off one layer only to find another waiting for your attention.   While this can be challenging….it is also rewarding.   Knowing that you are living your life from a space of awareness…a space of being in the present moment…can be truly amazing.

You start with the unassuming little thin, papery layers of the onion.  These are the little things that are fairly easy to deal with as you decide to make some changes in your life and really work on yourself and who you truly are, your authentic self as they call it.

The next layer of the onion has a bit of meat to it, even some juice.  This is something you may find you want to sink your teeth into.  After all it doesn’t seem so bad.   

As more layers of the onion are revealed and dealt with and peeled away we find that perhaps we are now able to see that part of our self that we have been keeping hidden from view….or….perhaps it’s a part of the self from which we have been hiding.    In either case it’s time to shed some light on it.   What is it that you really desire to change in your life…in yourself?

The process can be quick when we are open to making the necessary changes that are required.    However, I must also say that sometimes the process can take quite a while.   Of course this is all a matter of perception.   The real issue is the subject of change…and change can be challenging.  We are such creatures of habit.  Change can ..well, change can… change things!!!!!  And then what?  Oh no, things will be different !!!!  What then?

I promise you, my friends…there is one constant in life.  The one thing you can always count on is that things will change.  They always do.  Every breath you take is a different breath than the last one…and that is change.  The cells of your body are constantly replacing themselves to keep you strong and healthy….that is change !   It happens every second of every day of every month of every year.   It is a constant….and it is change.    So don’t let it frighten you.  It really is a natural, healthy process…and a very good thing.

So now, back to the onion.   So let’s say you’ve been working on yourself with regard to a particular issue, and you really feel like you have made great progress.  Life has changed and you are happy with the outcome.   You’ve peeled that onion.    You are pretty certain that you’ve looked at it from every direction and have done lots of deep personal work that has been very rewarding.   There have been both subtle changes and huge, obvious changes.  You’ve shed your share of tears and now it’s time to move on.  You’ve completed the process.

Then all of a sudden one day you realize you’re back in this same issue again.  You say to yourself, “What is going on?  I thought I was finished with this.  How can it be back again?”

Well, my friend, this is the core of the onion.   The next time you cut an onion in half take a moment and look at all the layers.  There are the outer, papery layers, then the large layers that are sometimes thin, and sometimes very thick.  But at the very center, the core of the onion is a collection of small little onion pieces.  They are not very big, but they are a reminder that this is the core of what you’re working on….and there are lots of them which have to be looked at in the light.  They require careful, loving examination.  

Many of us have been working on our “stuff” for a long time.  We think we made all the necessary changes to reveal the true authentic self…and then along comes an opportunity to take another look.  Please remember, that it’s just the onion asking to peeled a bit further.

We are in the midst of amazing times.  Shifts, changes and challenges for which we chose to be present.   Be gentle with yourself.  Take time to nurture the self.  Find those who can assist you with what you are processing.   Check out the alternative therapy modalities.  If one or two resonates with you, do it….if it doesn’t, then move on to another one.    There’s so much out there to choose from….BodyTalk, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, TaiChi, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Working with Rocks and Crystals, Aromatherapy, on a more physical level there’s Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Massage and Reflexology… so much more.  Find what works for you.   Take the time to do your inner work, the self work.    Find your authentic self…and peel the onion.   There are lots of helpers out there.   You will be glad you did. 

As I look at the path I have chosen I am blessed and I am grateful.   While some may look for rose petals to be scattered on their path, I look for the onion peels….and the more the better.  This is my sign that I know I’m doing all I can to reveal my authentic self….to discover the real me.   It can be challenging work….but it is so worth while.

Take a chance, peel an onion and be grateful for the results.

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