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Who benefits from using Reiki? Everyone!!! First of all, the recipient of course, but so does the practitioner. Yes, every time the practitioner is giving Reiki, he or she is also receiving Reiki…now that 's cool!

People often ask me if doing this work drains my energy. I'm always pleased and grateful to smile and say, "no", because first of all it's never my energy, and second of all I’m receiving Reiki while I’m giving Reiki. You have to admit, there aren’t many things in this life that offer that kind of reward.

So, who could use Reiki in the work they do? Again, I’d say everyone!...but just to list a few:

  1. Healthcare practitioners
  2. Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, CNA's
  3. Chiropractors and Physical therapists
  4. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology practitioners
  5. Massage therapist and Body workers
  6. Veterinarians…yes it's great for animals
  7. Teachers….yes it's great to use it with children too, because kids and animals have no preconceived ideas that it will or won't work. They just recognize it allow the Reiki to work with their own innate wisdom.

And how about Mothers and Fathers???? This is a real must tool for parents. You'd be amazed at much less stress there is and how quickly any kind of wound will heal…physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. And we're not just talking about doing Reiki on children and animals in the house. Many families are now taking care of aging parents and Reiki is a fabulous tool to help with their worries and stresses.

Next question….How many of you now know someone with cancer? Well go back to the brief list of benefits mentioned earlier and tell me that a cancer patient couldn't benefit from Reiki.

I've seen it over and over in my practice. Reiki is the one thing that offers a healing peacefulness that, for the client, is an indescribable blessing.

Imagine all the lives you touch and imagine how much healing could happen if you were Reiki trained….think what it would be like if everyone was Reiki trained? (oh well that's another long article…maybe later).




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