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Simply stated….Reiki is the transfer of Universal Life Force Energy, (the energy that’s in us and around us everywhere, all the time) in a non-intrusive, hands on healing technique. Reiki can reduce stress and help bring    the  body into balance. When the body is balanced it can heal itself, creating a natural process of well- being. Reiki can never do any harm and it always works for the highest good. It also works on all levels of our being….physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And that is Reiki in a nutshell. Of course there’s so much more to be said then that. (see: More Reiki Information section)


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One example I think we could all agree on would be ~~~stress~~~!!! Stress is considered one of themain contributing factors to the majority of illnesses, injuries and DIS-eases we experience today. And whether we realize it or not we are constantly bombarded with negativity which directly or indirectlyimpacts our energy field….work, school, friends, family, news papers, TV, traffic, acid rain, need I go on? these experiences diminish the vital functions of the cellular structure of our physical, mental and emotional bodies creating a welcoming terrain for DIS-ease to settle in.







Some of the many Benefits of Reiki include:


  1. An overall sense of Peace and Well-Being
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Deep relaxation
  4. Accelerated healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual
  5. Greater mental clarity
  6. Emotional calm
  7. Improved circulation
  8. Greater energy flow


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