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To become a certified Reiki I practitioner, you must attend a one day Reiki I class.
This is a basic hands-on class where you will learn to do Reiki on yourself and on others.


Students will:

  • Receive four attunements to increase the flow of healing energy through their hands.
  • Learn some of the history of Reiki
  • Learn how Reiki works as complimentary care
  • Learn and practice hand positions for self and for client treatment (this is table time and everyone will give and receive a full treatment session)
  • Learn the fundamentals to establish a professional practice.
  • Receive a Reiki certificate diploma

Reiki level I is usually a one day class
Cost: $152
Time: approximately 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM (depending on class size ) this includes breaks and lunch.
(Note: I find that most people prefer a one day class. However, depending on class size, it could be a day and a half.)



To become a certified Reiki II practitioner, you must attend one Reiki II class. This class introduces intuitive energy work into the practice. Reiki students learn how to send Reiki, and do distant healing. This is beneficial when we cannot be there in person to do Reiki.  

Students will: 

  • Receive two additional attunements
  • Receive three traditional Usui Reiki symbols (kanji), learning how to draw them, say them and use them to send healing
  • Learn distant healing methods to send Reiki to themselves as well as to others.
  • Practice using these techniques with amazing results.


Reiki level II is usually a one day class.
Cost: $251
Time: approximately 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM (depending on class size) this includes breaks and lunch.
(Note: Again I find that most people would prefer a one day class, however if it is a large class it could be split into two days. The calendar schedule will reflect that.)

Pre-requisite for Reiki II is completion of Reiki I.



The Reiki Master class is given over a series of three weekend sessions. The weekends are spaced so that you have time to assimilate the material, and work with the Master symbol and energy.

Upon completion of the Master Class you will be able to teach and attune for Reiki Level l, Level ll and the Master Level.

Pre-requisite for the Master course – completion of Reiki Level I and Level II.

Successful completion of Reiki III will result in certification as a Reiki Master.
Cost: $1350 for Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

Cost: $350 for Reiki Master Practitioner



Becoming a Reiki Master is not about a piece of paper or the title of "master". It is about enlightenment and spirituality. It is about opening yourself up to become all that you are and all that you can become. It's about growing and glowing, allowing your Light to shine so others may see. It's about expanding yourself, your thoughts and your Being in ways you never dreamed possible.

Becoming a Reiki Master is about transition, transformation, even transmutation. It’s about embracing the one constant in life – Change.

It's about discovering the depth of your being and realizing how beautiful you truly are and in that process, allowing you to see the beauty that’s all around you.

It's about learning how to "peel the onion" as we say, gracefully, layer by layer and letting it go. It's self discovery. It's about honoring a path that you've chosen… a healing path for your own self empowerment... . and realizing the path could be covered with onion peels… and knowing that it's a good thing.

I encourage you to embrace "a new way of looking at what living means". I love this quote from Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now" – "You are here for the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold… that's how important you are." Think about it…. there are so many lives to be touched with Reiki. People who will want to learn and that means we will need more and more qualified, "good" Reiki Teachers.

My goal, as a teaching Reiki Master, is to have every student at whatever level their learning leave the class with tools that they not only understand how to use, but are also excited to use. In my Reiki classes we spend a lot of time practicing, be it Reiki I, II or III…practicing hand positions, practicing symbols and how to use them, practicing attunements, practice, practice, practice…that’s how we learn and gain confidence in what we do.

I encourage all my students to use their tools, ask questions, and come to Reiki Shares. I also do my best to support my students in their quest to become all that they choose to be. I’m there to listen and I love learning new things from them as they expand and grow and share their knowledge and wisdom.

Let me end by saying, if you think being a Reiki Master is just about a piece of paper, or a title, think again! Becoming a Reiki Master is not about mastering Reiki… it’s about Reiki mastering you… and it’s amazing, wonderful, empowering, beautiful, exciting, rewarding, challenging, peaceful and above all… it’s loving beyond measure.




Reiki I and II are taught locally in Chalfont, Lansdale or Springhouse, all just west of Philadelphia, PA.  Two of these sites are located near PA turnpike exits and if needed lodging accommodations are available and close by.

Depending on class size I do travel to teach classes elsewhere. (Please see Designing your own Reiki class for friends and family and please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions about this. I am happy to travel to teach when there are people who desire to learn Reiki.)



I have been blessed to have had occasion to create classes for groups of friends who want to take the class together. First, this is an interesting class because everyone usually knows each other…and secondly, I find that these groups stay together, creating their own Reiki Shares and healing circles for friends and family. They become a strong, supportive and cohesive group in many ways….and it is wonderful to see them grow individually as well as a collective group.

If you are in the area and …if you have a guaranteed minimum of six people (up to twelve people) who want to take the class together please let me know and we will arrange a date and location that serves the whole.

Your choices will be to use the facilities that I have available to me or pick your own class location. Please do not let either of these choices keep you from inquiring about putting your own class together…where there’s a will there’s a way. When it is meant to be, Spirit will guide us as to where and when... we need only ask.

Things you will need to consider: you need one massage table for every two (or three) people (depending on distance and transportation, I have a few tables available to me) and you will need a place large enough to handle that many tables. You’ll also need chairs for everyone or they can bring their own. You’ll need good bathroom facilities and a place for lunch.

The class could be a one day class, or a Friday evening and all day Saturday class, or could be an all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon class…this will be determined by the number of students, the facilities available and the class being taken…Reiki Level I or II.

If you are a greater distance away we’ll have to talk.





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