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Massage is Not a Luxury...

Today, it Makes Good Health Sense!

Just how important is your health? Would you consider yourself to be in good health, average or poor health? Or, are you average but teetering on the edge of poor health? In either case, if you have good health you can manage everything, and if you don't, then everything else is totally overwhelming.


Therapeutic massage encourages health in the healthy…and aids the healing process in those with major or minor health challenges.

The treatment room that I use is a wonderful healing space. It is a safe, comforting space located in a professional facility. When you enter, your senses are greeted with aromatherapy, soft lighting and gentle, soothing music. This atmosphere encourages relaxation. When massage is added to all of this, then the body, mind and spirit are offered an opportunity to remember what it feels like to be balanced, centered and "at ONE". After all, when the body, mind and spirit are connected, healing happens.

Every massage is as unique and individual as the client. Sessions are enhanced with the use of therapeutic grade, pure essential oils that are chosen for the client's specific needs and requirements on that day. (please see Aromatherapy articles for more information)

Massage works on many different levels

  • reduce physical stress
  • reduce muscle tension, aches and pain
  • increase circulation
  • help to improve sleep
  • reduce emotional stress
  • enhance overall energy and vitality levels
  • balance the overall well-being of the body
  • help us to reconnect with our inner self

So how important is your health? Massage can no longer be considered a luxury….it most definitely makes good health sense.

Massage to Maintain & Repair
a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit

There are many contributing factors to living a healthy life. Among them are:

  • proper nutrition
  • hydration
  • exercise
  • the ability to handle stress
  • observing and adapting to your body's warning signals

When the body lets you know there's a problem…a challenge…that's when massage can help. But wouldn't it be better to live your life with fewer and fewer of those warning signals from your body? Wouldn't it be nice to know that your body doesn’t have to drop into old painful routines in order to get your attention? Receiving massage on a regular basis can help to maintain (and then repair when necessary) a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

I've watched what massage can do. The client comes in with chronic neck and shoulder pain that they’ve had for months. They're tired and depressed over the situation.

One session and they feel great. Two or three and life is better because not only are the aches and pains gone but also the stress and depression.

They come back and get a few massages only to realize just how important their health and well being really is. Now they're ready to participate in their wellness.

Massage therapy is more than working on a momentary physical problem. It can also help relievethe stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to illness and dis-ease.

Something comes up and they can't get back in for their regular sessions. Months go by and now they're calling me with neck and shoulder problems again.

I would never presume to tell you how often to get a massage because a massage maintenance program is something that has to work for you, your life and your budget. People will frequently comment how expensive massage is. Well, how much is that Starbucks coffee you have to have? How often do you blow $10 or $20 on nothing? Think about it. What if you had a special massage jar in the kitchen, and every week you’d put in whatever you could afford…$5, $10, $20…you'd have enough to create a regular massage routine in no time. You could call it your Health budget, and aren't you worth it?

Massage Therapy empowers the body's natural ability to heal itself. Some of the physiological effects include

  • increased circulation to supply more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs
  • stimulating the body's natural defenses to fight infection and disease
  • reduction in muscle cramps and spasms
  • increased joint flexibility and range of motion
  • the release of pain relieving endorphins
  • relief from chronic and acute pain

So what does your good health maintenance program look like? If massage isn't there, perhaps it's time to add it and participate in your wellness.

Don't Grow Old!

We're not getting any younger. Baby boomers are now in their 50's and quickly approaching 60. There are many philosophies about staying young. We all know about diet, exercise, regular check-ups and the ability to effectively handle stress. How about adding massage to that list?

Massage can keep muscles flexible, improve joint mobility and tissue elasticity. It also facilitates the stimulation of the lymphatic system by removing impurities from the body.

The emotional factors derived from human contact are important at any age and at every stage of life….massage answers the need for human touch in a healthy, positive, nurturing way. Massage is also extremely beneficial in all transitional stages of life, enabling us to cope with the strong negative emotions of fear, grief, loss or depression.

Perhaps you have an aging parent or friend who's just lost a loved one…or maybe you're that person. I can't stress enough how healing it is to be in the nurturing and compassionate world of massage. To allow the Body, Mind and Spirit to embrace the infinite possibilities of healing on all levels and becoming ONE again.

The sad part is, so many people have never had a massage….they just don't know what they’re missing. If you're one of them, why not put massage into your wellness program today?


Aromatherapy is the use of highly concentrated aromatic plant essences known as essential oils. "Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils" are the life force energy of the living plant materials and each one has a particular vibrational frequency. We, as humans, also have vibrational frequencies, and so these pure essential oils have a very special ability to affect us on many different levels...from a physical, cellular level to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels…and even into the aesthetic realms of our lives. They bring a natural balance and harmony to the body so healing can take place.

History shows aromatic oils being used as far back as 4000 years or more. Essential oils were widely used for healing throughout the ancient world by Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks and the Romans. Even the Bible records the use of plants and oils for treating illness. When you look at the history of today's pharmaceutical and drug companies you can clearly see the "original source" of their inspiration has always been Nature. So why not go back to that "original source" and bring the natural benefits of essential oils into your life through the practice of Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

Most people think of aromatherapy as a method of relieving stress and tension, or to set a mood…so they pick up an "aromatherapy candle", or grab a bottle of oil from the store. They light the candle and use the oils and end up with a headache, or some other reaction and immediately think that "aromatherapy" is not for them... .they must be allergic to the fragrance. So they come to a session with me and tell me they’re allergic or sensitive to smells and fragrances.

The problem here is that they've been exposed to perfume grade, synthetic or chemically altered scents and oils. These are not "Therapeutic Grade, Pure Essential Oils" and there's a huge difference, because not all oils are created, or should I say "produced" equally.


Christoph Streicher, Ph.D., has a Masters Degree in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Physiology. He's a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and is president of Amrita Aromatherapy. He writes:

"For an essential oil to be therapeutically useful it must be of a very high quality. This depends upon the climate and geography, where grown, who the farmer is and what farming methods he used, how the plant was harvested, and how the oil was distilled.

Many flowers like violet, gardenia, freesia, or lilac are not available as an essential oil because they are too delicate for distillation, too expensive, or spoil too easily. Artificial oils may smell surprisingly real to an untrained nose, but they are not therapeutic."

I am pleased and proud to say that the oils that I use are from Amrita Aromatherapy. This is a company that I trust and that’s a very good feeling.

In my sessions oils are carefully chosen for each individual client for their specific needs on that particular day. This can create wonderful results and benefits on many different levels, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the session.

I look forward to creating a special aromatherapy blend just for you.


Being pregnant is a life altering event in so many ways. It is filled with emotion and stress on many different levels for many different reasons. And let's not forget the physicality of being pregnant.

Massage for the mother-to-be can reduce the discomforts of pregnancy. With a combination of regular massage, exercise, and proper nutrition some women have reported reduction in the discomforts and duration of their labor and labor pains.

"But I'm so uncomfortable. How are you going to massage my back when I can't lay on my stomach?" you say. You can either lie on the massage table on your side… or sit on a stool and lean over the end of the massage table, draped in a sheet so that your back is exposed. This puts absolutely no pressure on the stomach or the baby and allows a full back massage, neck and shoulders too, some of the areas most stressed during pregnancy. When we're finished with that area I leave the room and the client gets onto the massage table under the sheets so I can work on the other areas of the body. I do my best to ensure that every client is comfortable.

For all these reasons and more, receiving regular massage during your pregnancy can be one of the healthiest choices you make for yourself and your baby. Those nine months are a special time... .a time when nurturing is important. What better way to nurture yourself then with a massage, because as you nurture yourself you're also nurturing the child within you.

I look forward to seeing you during those glowing nine months and beyond.



There are so many different types of massage, including many variations on Hot Stone Massage. My training has come through the La Stone background where by special heated stones are moved over and through the muscles to relax them on a much deeper level. The heat not only permeates the particular muscle area we're working on but also warms and relaxes the whole body. Imagine moving heat deeply through large tense muscle masses, then imagine them melting in the presence of this heat and the stones that are facilitating it.

But there's even more to this. I not only use specially chosen heated river rocks, but I also use Nebula stones and other rocks and crystals that are gifted with individual healing qualities. These stones are ancien... they are "The Grandfathers" as the Native Americans call them. They hold wisdom and knowledge and healing for all who choose to receive the gifts.

Why not spend some time with the Grandfathers in a very intimate and special way? After all, this is not just a massage...this is a special event.

Hot Stone Healing Massage runs 75 – 90 minutes.

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