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There are so many different types of massage, including many variations on Hot Stone Massage. My training has come through the La Stone background where by special heated stones are moved over and through the muscles to relax them on a much deeper level. The heat not only permeates the particular muscle area we're working on but also warms and relaxes the whole body. Imagine moving heat deeply through large tense muscle masses, then imagine them melting in the presence of this heat and the stones that are facilitating it.

But there's even more to this. I not only use specially chosen heated river rocks, but I also use Nebula stones and other rocks and crystals that are gifted with individual healing qualities. These stones are ancien... they are "The Grandfathers" as the Native Americans call them. They hold wisdom and knowledge and healing for all who choose to receive the gifts.

Why not spend some time with the Grandfathers in a very intimate and special way? After all, this is not just a massage...this is a special event.

Hot Stone Healing Massage runs 75 – 90 minutes.

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