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Being pregnant is a life altering event in so many ways. It is filled with emotion and stress on many different levels for many different reasons. And let's not forget the physicality of being pregnant.

Massage for the mother-to-be can reduce the discomforts of pregnancy. With a combination of regular massage, exercise, and proper nutrition some women have reported reduction in the discomforts and duration of their labor and labor pains.

"But I'm so uncomfortable. How are you going to massage my back when I can't lay on my stomach?" you say. You can either lie on the massage table on your sideā€¦ or sit on a stool and lean over the end of the massage table, draped in a sheet so that your back is exposed. This puts absolutely no pressure on the stomach or the baby and allows a full back massage, neck and shoulders too, some of the areas most stressed during pregnancy. When we're finished with that area I leave the room and the client gets onto the massage table under the sheets so I can work on the other areas of the body. I do my best to ensure that every client is comfortable.

For all these reasons and more, receiving regular massage during your pregnancy can be one of the healthiest choices you make for yourself and your baby. Those nine months are a special time... .a time when nurturing is important. What better way to nurture yourself then with a massage, because as you nurture yourself you're also nurturing the child within you.

I look forward to seeing you during those glowing nine months and beyond.

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