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What is Body Talk?

Well, as the name suggests….it’s all about the body’s communication system….to, from and within itself.  

Body Talk  is a complete health care system that works with the body’s innate ability to heal itself.   A Body Talk practitioner uses a subtle form of bio-feed back to find areas of the body where stress has caused the body to become compromised which results in discomfort and illness.  By re-wiring these communication circuits the body is able to re-establish the functions that were compromised so it can continue to heal itself in the way that nature actually intended for it to happen.

Since there are approximately 200 billion processes going on in the body at any given moment and they all involve a communication system, it seems quite obvious that the body was built to constantly heal itself  24/7.    Think about it….if you cut your finger and it begins to bleed, do you actually need to stop and “think” about all the different processes that need to take place in order for that cut to stop bleeding and to heal?   Well, of course not.   The body was designed to have an innate ability to heal itself, and we all have that innate ability.     It is our innate wisdom which allows the body to communicate on all levels, within all levels and to and from all levels of our being…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  That innate wisdom within the body guides the individual parts and synchronizations that are necessary for the communication to happen.

The Body Talk Practitioner is able to tap into the innate wisdom by communicating through a subtle form of muscle testing to get yes and no answers from the body as to where the lines in the communication system have broken down.  Then through an ancient Hatha Yoga healing technique a sort of re-wiring takes place that allows the body to go back to communicating and doing the healing it was so beautifully designed to do.

The body always wants to be well and it is always working to heal itself…however stresses do come along, and they create a break in that communication.   The Body Talk Practitioner is able to find out where those weak links in communication are located….where those broken circuits have occurred due to stresses or trauma to the body on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.   The lines of communication are then re-established through this ancient Hatha Yoga technique of focus and gentle tapping on the head and the heart….and the body resumes its innate ability to heal itself.

The real beauty and true uniqueness of this system is that it is totally non-invasive.    We do nothing except create an awareness of where the break down is and remind the brain to initiate the healing process or communication process where ever that may be in the body-mind-spirit complex.

So it’s all about communication…because communication is the key to healing.

Take a moment and think about the amazing machine we call our body.   There are many systems within it and they all must function at their best so the body can be well.   But there are so many stressors in our lives today.    The human body has a nervous system that operates with two aspects,   the sympathetic and parasympathetic.    Sympathetic is the fight or flight aspect of the system or all about protection and armoring.   While rest and relaxation is the parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system, or all about healing and growth.   Remember, these systems cannot be functioning at the same time….therefore if we are in protection and armoring mode then we cannot be in healing and growth mode.   Just not possible….it’s one or the other.

So what’s your day like?   Feeling like you have to fight for what you get…like life is a struggle…do you have to protect what you do get…do you have to armor yourself from those around you?  Or is life really good….filled with positive, pleasant people who have your best interest at heart or at least are willing to share all their goodness with you?   Are your days blessed with growth and healing….Or armor and protection?   Only you can answer that one….but I suspect there’s more of one then the other.

In general, Body Talk takes the concept of reducing and balancing stress levels as its main focus.   It is constantly working to reduce and balance out the protection and armoring aspects of the system so that healing and growth can begin.   This can be seen on a cellular level within the body’s organs, endocrines or body parts, or can be seen on a mental, emotional or even spiritual level.  

Remember that physical, mental or emotional symptoms are just the body’s way of getting your attention to let you know that something is out of balance…that the lines of communication are down somewhere and are in need of rebalancing.    After all, the majority of the time the symptom is occurring as a communication…the problem is we don’t know how to listen to it.   But Body Talk will actually address more of the underlying causes of something instead of the symptoms....and isn’t that what you really want….To actually get to the real cause of it?

After all, the body is giving us lots of messages everyday….sometimes if  we get a headache it is not that our head is the problem…but that there is some other stuff going on that we have to address and then the headache goes away.   The headache is just a message from the body saying, “hey, pay attention to me….something is wrong.”   So instead of taking a pill and asking the headache to go away, with Body Talk you’re actually asking the body what is contributing to this headache?

What is out of balance and where do the lines of communication need to be re-established?

One of the keys to this system is that it is based on priorities within the body, which is an important aspect of Body Talk.   We are not just looking for what needs to communicate with what or whom, but what is the most important communication at that moment…what is the priority?...and then we balance it out in the order the body has requested.

BT was founded in the mid 1990’s by Dr.John Veltheim, who’s an acupuncturist from Brisbain, Australia.

John developed a protocol of a very sophisticated system of questions to find out what these priorities are and where in the body the communication needed to happen and in what order.   It is simply brilliant.

Body Talk blends many different modalities into the system, that’s because Dr. Veltheim studied and taught them.   For example he studied psychology and philosophy, western physiology and neuro-anatomy and physiology, Chinese medicine including acupuncture, and energy systems including Reiki…plus so much more.  There is even a section of the protocol called “other modalities” which allows the practitioner to tap into their own fields of expertise.   This means you are getting not only all the information John brings to the system, but also the gifts and talents that the practitioner brings to the table through their own course of study.   Just amazing.

He put all of this information into the Body Talk System giving it unbelievably vast possibilities and making it extremely flexible not only for the practitioner but also for the client.

It is a complete health care system and offers people an opportunity for tremendous balancing and healing results on all levels of their being.

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